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Uncharted Waters for Guitarists: What Can You Learn from Joel Hoekstra's Journey?

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⁣Dive into the world of music mastery on this episode of CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS... as Chris and Erik delve into the art of crafting the perfect guitar sound. From Erik's custom-built Splawn guitar to capturing the ideal tone at Matt Thorne's studio, discover the secrets behind impeccable sound for live shows. Join the conversation on navigating unfamiliar musical territories, drawing parallels to experiences with Bow Wow Wow and guest Joel Hoekstra's journey with Accept. Uncover the nuances of being a guitarist in uncharted waters. Don't miss out – hit play now!

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**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**

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