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Top 7 ANTI-AGING Foods must Eat after Age 50 | super foods for Older Adults

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Top 7 food must Eat after age 50 | Anti aging Foods
Top 7 ANTI-AGING Foods must Eat after Age 50 | super foods for Older Adults

#age50plus in this video you will know 7 top foods that is good for your mental plus physical health.
if you are over age 50 you must eat these foods that will help you to maintain a Good healthy life.
These 7 foods have anti aging properties and help you to boost your Good health.If you want to stay young and active do eat these foods.
A healthy lifestyle is depend on a healthy eating.There are alot of diseases that can be cure only by eating healthy foods.
so if you are over aged do eat good foods that help you to cure inflammation and reduce pain.
If you have joint pain and weak muscles and bones do try these 7 super foods.

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eat and beat depression

Apple diet plan:

Do's and Don'ts for healthy life:

0:00 introduction
0:38 Anti Aging super foods
1:40 Sweet potato benefits
2:57 Egg plant benefits
3:50 Beet Root benefits
4:48 Avacado benefits
5:40 chickpeas benefits
6:28 Ginger benefits
7:15 Cauliflower benefits
7:30 outro

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