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The Deadly Monetization of Nursing Homes

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There are institutions operating in America today that are responsible for over twenty THOUSAND [20,000] premature deaths all in the name of profit.

They make their money by housing vulnerable people in the custody and cutting costs wherever they can, often breaking the law in the process.

These might sound like for-profit prisons, but I am actually talking about… nursing homes, although maybe that’s no coincidence, because a lot of these places are owned and operated by the same people. If you are an investor with lots of cash and good connections aged living is an attractive business opportunity.

The aging population means that you will have an ever-growing number of customers.

Revenues can be sourced from insurance companies, individuals and the government AND once you have residents in your homes it’s unlikely that they will ever check out until… well… they check out…

According to research done by the National Bureau of Economic Research elderly Americans are also less financially literate which means they won’t know if they are getting a good deal or not.

The investment potential gets even better more of these businesses you own the more profitable you can make them because overheads like administration, sales and contracting can be shared across multiple locations. Consistent cash flows, a growing customer base and synergies at scale has made nursing homes one of the most targeted alternative asset classes in America.

Investors can now gain exposure to the aged care market through direct investment, private equity, and even exchange listed real estate investment trusts, that can be purchased by anybody with a robin hood account and ninety dollars [$90] BUT the reality of this business is razor thin margins, distorted incentive structures and a race to the bottom on quality and safety.

So it’s time to learn How Money Works to find out just how broken the aged care industry really is…

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