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How Did This OnlyFans Girl's Dad Shock Her?

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The CMS Network
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⁣On this edition of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris discuss the government tackling the Ticketmaster monopoly. They explore what this means for concertgoers and the music industry.

Next, they dive into a shocking story about an OnlyFans girl. She was horrified to discover that her dad was watching her videos. Hear their take on this unusual and uncomfortable situation.

Finally, they review a bizarre case involving a woman wheeling her dead uncle into a bank. She attempted to secure a loan using his body. This unbelievable story has everyone talking.

Tune in for a mix of news, surprises, and commentary. Don't miss out on these wild and fascinating topics.

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**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**

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