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You don't want to miss the final 3 days of our Costa Rica road trip. In this episode we take you on an amazing hiking excursion with Pacific Journeys to experience the Diamante Falls. Skylar gets in one last waterfall jump and we both go over the edge trying a new thrilling activity. We also drive on one of Costa Rica's most dangerous roads! We cap our trip off by staying in the capital city of San Jose, with some fantastic views from our high-rise AirBNB.
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#costarica #explorcation #puravida #explorecostarica timeline:
00:00 – Recap of Our First 5 Days
01:57 – Tour with Pacific Journeys
09:46 – Arriving at Diamante Falls
12:35 – Repelling Down a Waterfall
17:32 – Lunch in a Cave
22:53 – Day 7 Begins
25:46 – Breakfast at a Brewery
27:59 – Driving the Hill of Death
37:18 – Arriving in San Jose
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