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I've NEVER Seen This Before In My Lifetime - Raoul Pal Bitcoin Prediction

Raoul Pal is a co-founder of Real Vision, a financial media company offering in-depth video interviews and research publications from the world's best investors. Prior to starting Real Vision, Raoul ran a successful global macro hedge fund.

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We create and share videos about investments and how best you can put your money to use, in order to bring in more money. We love cryptocurrencies and the stock market and so, we share a lot of crypto and stock market videos, including bitcoin, ethereum, Cardano ADA, and other altcoins

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A very large percentage of people see a housing market crash in 2024. We break down the risks and possibiliteis of a collape and lots more financial and economic news.

Thank you for being a part of my channel. I am an investor that also works in the finance industry. I also am a news-hound and love keeping updated on the latest economic, financial, and business news. Economic 'boom and bust' cycles are very fascinating to me so and I have had some very good luck in the stock market, precious metals and investing in real estate, therefore, I have decided to share my research, knowledge, news digging, and analysis with the world via this channel.

This channel contains news and analysis that often includes 'one mans opinion'. The information conveyed should never be taken as investment advice. Everyone should do their own due diligence and research before making investment and money decisions.

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CTA-Timer Pro (Trade with the Machines) $30/mo -- Only $1 a day with the first month free using the coupon code "FREEMONTH" at checkout or the link below.

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Portfolio Shield™ (Steve's Momentum-Based Investment Strategy)

Portfolio Shield™, Momentum Timer Pro™, and Markets Insider Pro™ are unregistered trademarks of Steven Van Metre Financial.

Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc. (AFA) is a registered investment adviser and the opinions expressed by (AFA) on this show are their own and do not reflect the opinions of YouTube. All statements and opinions expressed are based upon information considered reliable although it should not be relied upon as such. Any statements or opinions are subject to change without notice.

Information presented is for educational purposes only and does not intend to make an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of any specific securities, investments, or investment strategies. Investments involve risk and unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed.

Information expressed does not take into account your specific situation or objectives, and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for any individual. Listeners are encouraged to seek advice from a qualified tax, legal, or investment adviser to determine whether any information presented may be suitable for their specific situation. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Public comments posted on this site are not selected, amended, deleted, or sorted in any way. If applicable, certain editing of personal identifiable information and mis information may be deleted.

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The US Sounds The Alarm After $34 Trillion Debt Signals Massive Collapse

The U.S. national debt surpasses a staggering 34 trillion dollars, setting the stage for looming economic and political challenges. Against this backdrop, Secretary of State Antony Blinken embarks on his fourth visit to the Middle East, grappling with heightened tensions and instability.

The gross national debt of the federal government has now exceeded $34 trillion, reaching a historic high and signaling imminent political and economic challenges in the years ahead. In June of the previous year, Republican lawmakers and the White House agreed to a temporary lift on the nation's debt limit, preventing the risk of a historic default. This agreement is set to last until January 2025.

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In this interview on the Jay Martin Show, Dr. Marc Faber, a renowned investment analyst and publisher of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report," delves into a wide range of topics. Dr. Faber offers his unique perspectives on current investment strategies, the potential of a US-China war, and insights on expanding your portfolio into emerging markets.

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0:00 Intro
4:25 Insight into Current Investment Strategies
4:53 Exploring Investment Opportunities and Strategies
6:46 Diving into Geographic Investment Preferences
14:02 Discussing the Potential of a US-China War
21:14 Foreign Exchange Controls and Cross-border Transactions
27:14 Advice for Expanding Global Investment Footprint
32:44 Future Investment Sectors to Watch
35:29 Building a Future-Proof Investment Portfolio
46:25 Indonesia's Economic Prospects and Investment Opportunities

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