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Esta es una grabación de WooCommerce Live Español, un evento global enfocado en ayudar a los comerciantes a pasar de una idea a servir a su primer cliente.

Al ver este video, aprenderá los siete pasos para crear clientes felices y recibirá orientación de alto nivel para las decisiones que tomará en el camino. Discutimos los siguientes temas:

1. Elige una audiencia
2. Encuentra un problema para resolverlo
3. Vende tu producto antes de crearlo
4. Crea el producto
5. Elige un sistema operativo
6. Lleva el producto a su cliente
7. Crea un cliente feliz.

Anfitriones: Samantha Hare, Fernando Álvarez, Víctor Alejandro García Sánchez

Recursos para Ayudarte a Comenzar:

Documentación de WooCommerce (Español)

Inicia una tienda en (Inglés)

Únete a una comunidad local de WooCommerce o WordPress

Únete a un meetup local:

WooCommerce Meetup Ciudad de México

WooCommerce Meetup Lima, Perú

WooCommerce Meetup Bogotá, Colombia

WooCommerce Meetup Buenos Aires, Argentina

WooCommerce Meetup Madrid

WooCommerce Meetup Barcelona

WooCommerce Meetup Granada

WooCommerce Meetup Bilbao

Únase a nosotros para el próximo evento de encuentro de WooCommerce Live Español aquí:

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This is a recording of our WooCommerce Live Special Event, "Customize with Confidence",.

In this event we covered:

* An introduction to WooCommerce (including what "Open Source" means and why it matters) and overview of how you can customize WooCommerce, both out-of-the-box and with extensions.

* An introduction to using code to customize WooCommerce. We'll teach you the basics and get you started with confidence - no prior experience required!

* An introduction to the WooCommerce Community and the resources available to you to get you the help you need.

Hosts: Noëlle Steegs, Jonathan Wold, Rodolfo Melogli

Resources referenced during the event:

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide—Single Product Page:

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide—Checkout Page: Hooks:

Remove Product Tabs, Show Long Description on WooCommerce:

Hide Prices on the Shop & Category Pages on WooCommerce:

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide—Single Product Page:

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide—Checkout Page:

WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide: Archive / Shop / Cat Pages:

WooCommerce: Show Category For Each Product on Shop Page:

Business Bloomer WooCommerce Online Courses:

WooCommerce Developer Resources:

WooCommerce Live:

WooCommerce Meetups:

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WooCommerce is the webs favorite eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It gives both store owners and developers complete control. Sell anything. Beautifully. Get started for free.

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install and use hCaptcha for WordPress with Contact Form 7. We'll guide you through the process of setting up hCaptcha on your Contact Form 7, customizing its appearance and behavior, and configuring advanced options to suit your specific needs.

With hCaptcha, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including improved website security, better user experience, and reduced spam and abuse. Plus, hCaptcha is easy to use and integrate with your Contact Form 7, so you can start protecting your forms in no time.

Step 1: Install the hCaptcha for WordPress plugin
To get started, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins section. Click on "Add New," then search for "hCaptcha for WordPress." Click on "Install Now," and then "Activate" the plugin.

Step 2: Obtain an API key
To use hCaptcha, you'll need to obtain an API key from the hCaptcha website. Head over to and sign up for an account if you don't have one already. Once you've logged in, go to the "Sites" tab and click on "Add a Site." Fill in the required information and select "WordPress" as your platform.

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Welcome to MonsterInsights [DISCOUNT -]

In this video, we’ll look at some features that make MonsterInsights the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin, used by over 3 million websites.

With our easy-to-use plugin, you can connect your Google Analytics account to your site in just a few clicks. There’s no coding needed.
We know stats matter. MonsterInsights highlights the most important stats right inside your WordPress dashboard. You can easily see what’s working to get more traffic and clicks to your site without needing to learn a new platform.
Want to know what pages or products are popular on your site? No problem! We show you the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your website. So you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

And then you can look closer to see how people use your site. You can quickly see which pages they go to first, how long they stay there, how far down the page they scroll, and more.

With many one-click eCommerce and goal tracking integrations baked right in, you’ll see all the most important store metrics in one place with no coding needed.
With MonsterInsights, you’ll see enhanced eCommerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rates, average order value, and so much more. This means you can increase your sales and revenue easier by knowing what works.
Do you have videos embedded on your website? Now you can measure how many visitors watch each video and for how long.
Need to increase engagement on your website? With our headline analyzer and popular post and product tools, you can create engaging and relevant content to boost your visitor’s engagement.
With MonsterInsights, you can unlock the power of Custom Dimensions so you can measure advanced data like author tracking, SEO score tracking, the best time to publish, tags, and more.
Want to see which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site? Our integration with Google Search Console allows you to see the keywords bringing in the most traffic, right inside your WordPress dashboard.
And, you can see how well your forms are converting with one-click integrations for WPForms, Formidable forms, and any other WordPress form
We took the pain out of WordPress analytics. MonsterInsights is always adding new features to make analytics super easy and more fun to use. Get started with MonsterInsights today.

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◆ 32 Marketing Hacks Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic

◆ 24 eCommerce Hacks That Will Double Your Conversions in 2020

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Please watch: "How to Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Using MonsterInsights (Step-by-Step)"

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Learn how to set up Hide My WP Ghost in Ghost Mode and activate all security features you need for a stronger and safer website in just 6 minutes.

Min. 1:00 - 1:33 Select and Save GHOST MODE
Min. 1:33 - 2:24 Change Paths Settings
Min. 2:25 - 3:43 Tweaks Settings
Min. 3:43 - 4:07 Brute Force Settings
Min. 4:08 - 4:36 Events Log Settings
Min. 4:36 - 5:29 Security Check
Min. 5:29 - 6:28 View Changes

👉 Min. 1:00 - 1:33 - Select and Save GHOST MODE

Recommended Actions:
- Select "Ghost Mode"
- A pop-up will appear showing you all the predefined paths that Hide My WP Ghost sets in Ghost Mode. READ the info.
- Click on Continue, and then SAVE.
- Run the Frontend Login test.
- SAVE your login URL (!very important that you do this)
- SAVE your SAFE URL (!also very important, you’ll need this in case you can’t login)
- If the test is successful, click on Yes, it’s working.

👉 Min. 1:33 - 2:24 - Change Paths Settings

Admin Security
Custom Admin Path – Leave as is
Hide wp-admin – Recommended: ON
Hide wp-admin From Non-Admin users – Recommended: ON
Hide the New Admin Path – Recommended: ON

Login Security
Custom Login Path – Leave as is
Hide wp-login.php – Recommended: ON
Hide login Path – Recommended: ON
Custom Lost Password Path – Leave as is
Custom Register Path – Leave as is
Custom Logout Path – Leave as is

Ajax Security
Custom admin-ajax Path – Leave as is
Hide wp-admin from Ajax URL – Recommended: ON
Change Paths in Ajax Calls – Recommended: ON

User Security
Custom Author Path – Leave as is
Hide Author ID URL – Recommended: ON

WP Core Security
Custom wp-content Path – Leave as is
Custom wp-includes Path – Leave as is
Custom uploads Path – Leave as is
Custom comment Path – Leave as is
Hide WordPress Common Paths – Recommended: ON
Hide File Extensions – Leave as is

Plugins Security
Custom plugins Path – Leave as is
Hide Plugin Names – Recommended: ON
Hide All the Plugins – Recommended: OFF
Hide WordPress Old Plugins Path – Recommended: ON
Show Advanced Options– Recommended: OFF

Themes Security
Custom themes Path – Leave as is
Hide Theme Names – Recommended: ON
Hide WordPress Old Themes Path – Recommended: ON
Custom theme style name – Leave as is
Show Advanced Options – Recommended: OFF

API Security
Custom wp-json Path – Leave as is
Hide REST API URL link – Recommended: ON
Disable REST API access – Recommended: OFF
Disable XML-RPC access – Recommended: ON
Disable RSD Endpoint from XML- RPC – Recommended: ON

Firewall and Headers
Add Security Headers for XSS and Code Injection Attacks – Recommended: ON
Strict-Transport-Security – Recommended: ACTIVE
Content-Security-Policy – Recommended: ACTIVE
X-XSS- Protection – Recommended: ACTIVE
X-Content-Type- Options – Recommended: ACTIVE
Cross-Origin-Embedder- Policy – Recommended: ADD
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy – Recommended: ADD
X-Frame-Options – Recommended: ADD
Remove Unsafe Headers – Recommended: ON
Block Theme Detectors Crawlers – Recommended: ON
Firewall Against Script Injection – Recommended: ON

👉 Min. 2:25 - 3:43 - Tweaks Settings

Redirect Hidden Paths – Leave as is
Do Login & Logout Redirects – Recommended: OFF

Feed and Sitemap
Hide Feed and Sitemap Link Tags – Recommended: ON
Change Paths in RSS feed – Recommended: ON
Change Paths in Sitemaps XML – Recommended: ON
Hide Paths in Robots.txt – Recommended: ON

Change Options
Change Paths for Logged Users – Recommended: ON
Change Relative URLs to Absolute URLs – Recommended: OFF

Hide Options
Hide Admin Toolbar – Recommended: ON
Hide Version from Images, CSS and JS in WordPress – Recommended: ON
Hide IDs from META Tags – Recommended: ON
Hide WordPress DNS Prefetch META Tags – Recommended: ON
Hide WordPress Generator META Tags – Recommended: ON
Hide HTML Comments – Recommended: ON
Hide Emojicons – Recommended: ON
Hide Embed Scripts – Recommended: ON
Disable WLW Manifest scripts – Recommended: ON

Disable Options
Disable Right-Click – Recommended: ON
Disable Inspect Element – Recommended: ON
Disable View Source – Recommended: ON
Disable Copy/Paste – Recommended: ON
Disable Drag/Drop Images – Recommended: OFF
Disable DB Debug in Frontend – Recommended: ON

👉 Min. 3:43 – 4:07 - Brute Force Settings

Use Brute Force Protection – Recommended: ON
Max fail attempts – Leave as is
Ban Duration – Leave as is
Lockout Message – Leave as is

👉 Min. 4:08 – 4:36 - Events Log Settings

Log Users Events – Recommended: ON
Log User Roles – Leave as is

👉 Min. 4:36 - 5:29 - Security Check

👋Note! The settings shown in this video will work best for most sites – and present a way to quickly, safely, and effectively set up Ghost Mode for your site.

However, the ideal settings can look different from case to case, and you can always further customize these settings based on your needs and wants.

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#profitabletools #wordpress #plugins #website a lot of people are outraged about orphaned tables in WordPress.

But what does that even mean? In this video, I'll teach you all about WordPress "bloat" and show you how to fix it with Advanced Database Cleaner Pro.

Get Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Here:

Table Of Contents
00:00 - Intro
01:13 - Bloat Is Inefficiency
02:22 - Installing Advanced DB Free
02:43 - What To Expect
03:13 - Backup Warning
03:33 - General Clean-up
03:57 - Automating Clean-up
04:18 - What Are Tables?
05:20 - Removing Orphan Tables
05:52 - Cleaning Orphaned Options
06:42 - Cleaning Orphaned Crons
07:20 - Final Thoughts

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Backuply is a WordPress plugin that helps you backup your WordPress website, saving you from loss of data because of server crashes, hacks, dodgy updates, or bad plugins.

Backuply comes with Local Backups and Secure Cloud backups with easy integrations with FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and easy One-click restoration.
Join with Us
Wordpress GPL Themes and Plugins -
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Setup Wordfence Security in this step-by-step tutorial. I'll show you how to secure your WordPress website once and for all. It's actually not that hard! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Start here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Do you want to support my channel? Leave a like or buy Divi / Elementor Pro with 10% discount via the link below. That will help me enormously to create these free videos for you and keep going!

⇒ Software that I recommend:
✅ Hosting & domain ⇒
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✅ Divi with 10% discount ⇒
✅ Elementor Pro ⇒

⇒ Top video's I recommend:

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

0:00 intro
0:39 Install WordFence
1:49 First-Time setup
2:28 Firewall setup
8:20 Malware Scan setup
9:40 Tools
11:08 Two-Factor Authentication
14:10 reCaptcha security layer
15:40 All Options setup

Thank you for watching! 😀

✅For tips and tricks on getting the most out of WordPress, don't forget to subscribe:

In this video we'll be using Wordfence to completely secure your WordPress website step by step. Let me show you what we'll be covering in this tutorial. I'll show you how to configure all the options in Wordfence. How to force strong passwords for all users. How to set up two-factor authentication, how to use reCaptcha to prevent bot logins. We will configure brute force protection for your website and we will make sure you won't get spammed with email alerts from Wordfence. Let's dive in right now.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard. From here we go to 'Plugins'
we press 'Add new' plugin. We're going to search for the plugin Wordfence over there. And we're looking for this one, by Wordfence. Press 'Install now'. and we press 'Activate'. The first thing we need to do is get a Wordfence license. It's completely free but we still have to register with Wordfence. Click on this button, and then we are at the Wordfence website. Click on this button, get a free license. Then we press I'm okay waiting 30 days. Fill in your email address and then choose if you would like to receive these emails. I would say no, because they're not that interesting. Agree to the terms and press register. And we have received a email from Wordfence with our license. Over here is the license key which you can also click install my license automatically. When you click on the button it will go over here back to your website. Your email address has been filled in and also the license key. Press install license. Well done. Now we click on go to dashboard. And press on this cross icon over here. I will teach you everything about Wordfence in this tutorial. Don't worry we'll be working through all these settings over here and I'll explain everything how it works and what you need to know. So the very first thing we do is we scroll up to here and then we're gonna click on dismiss. Because we're gonna configure this later on. And then Wordfence ask do you want to say it up to date automatically? if you don't update your website regularly I really urge you to press yes enable auto updates. This way the plugin will stay safe and you won't get hacked. So press on yes enable auto updates. Let's walk through all these options step by step. The first thing we do is we go over here to the firewall. Let's press this cross icon over there. Wordfence has a learning mode where it distinguish real visitors from hackers and Bots, but it also learns from your plugins and how your plugins are connected to the outside world. For example if you have a web shop you might be connected to different things like your accountancy and all these things will be passed through the firewall without any problems. So this learning mode is only active for just one week. Now if you run into problems in the future, you can always enable the learning mode again, so that it can learn again from maybe new settings or maybe new plugins or whatever. If we scroll down you can see all bunch of real important information. The most important thing on this page is the blocking over here. If you're logged out of someone who need to visit your website his IP address will show up over here. And then you can unblock an IP address or make it for example permanent. Let's go back to firewall let's configure all the firewall options over here. And if you scroll down we can change all the options one by one. The first thing we need to do is change the protection level from basic WordPress protection to a optimized version. So click on optimize the WordPress firewall and then Wordfence has presented the best...

📖 Read the rest of the transcript at

#wordfence #security

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In this how-to, you’ll learn how to make your website actually showing in the browser upon typing your domain name in there.

Learn what domain DNS options you have in your Namecheap account:

Find your dream domain: