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In November 2023, two of China's tech giants, Alibaba Cloud and Didi Global, experienced an epic technological breakdown. Around 11 PM on November 27, Didi Global, a ride-hailing behemoth with over 500 million monthly active users, saw its app fail to provide normal services for both drivers and passengers. An emergency fix temporarily restored functionality by early morning, but the service collapsed again during peak traffic hours the next day, only fully recovering by noon on November 28.
#alibaba #taobao #didi #chinaobserver all rights reserved.

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In this insightful video, Andrew discusses the practical aspects, misconceptions, and personal considerations when it comes to diversifying your life and assets internationally.

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00:00 Start
00:20 You Don't Have to Change Everything
2:26 Moving Overseas for Tax Savings
4:30 If You're Going to Move, Move
6:34 Act Before It's Too Late
8:54 If Everyone's Going, It's Overrated
12:05 Headline Tax Rates Mean Nothing
13:54 Lawyers Conflict Themselves
14:18 What's On the Tin Doesn't Always Work
15:04 Something Missing
15:50 Adapt to Changing Circumstances
16:08 Don't Be Afraid to Change
16:48 Everything is Easy and Nothing is Easy

Nomad Capitalist is the world's most sought-after expert on legal offshore tax planning, dual citizenship, and international asset protection. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to "go where you're treated best."

Nomad Capitalist has served as the “architect” and “general contractor” for 1,500+ clients who wanted one company to manage their holistic plans. We help these clients keep more of their wealth, increase their personal freedom, and protect their families and wealth against current and future threats at home.

Our in-house team of researchers, strategists, and executioners know more about these strategies than just about anyone. We’ve also spent more than a decade building a trusted network of attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, and others to assist our clients. As a result, our approach is not only holistic, but agnostic; we offer our clients advice on and options in 90+ countries, more than any other firm by far.

If you’re looking to diversify internationally, whether for lower taxes or as a “Plan B”, trust the industry pioneers at Nomad Capitalist and our experience serving the needs of globally-minded entrepreneurs and investors.

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.

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Does Roku Have Local Channels? (2023)

In today's video i will cover local channels on roku,how to get local channels on roku,roku local channels,get local channels on roku,local channels on roku stick,how to get local channels on roku tv,local channels on roku with antenna,roku live tv channels,local channels on roku streaming stick,can i get my local channels on roku?,can you get local channels with roku?

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Celebrity Bakers Joel McHale, DeAndre Jordan, Heather McMahan, Ego Nwodim, Phoebe Robinson and Arturo Castro compete for the title of star baker with beloved judges Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith and hosts Zach Cherry and Casey Wilson!

Stream for FREE on The Roku Channel on November 10:

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About Roku Originals:
Roku Originals is available exclusively on The Roku Channel. From award-winning scripted entertainment and engaging documentaries to breakout new unscripted series, Roku Originals is bold, fresh entertainment from the biggest names in Hollywood, and best of all, it’s free. This is relevant, diverse entertainment that is accessible to everyone, everywhere The Roku Channel is available -- no subscription, no signup and no strings attached.

About The Roku Channel:
The Roku Channel, the home of free and premium entertainment on the Roku platform.

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#TwitchOnRoku #StreamingTips #EntertainmentHacks #RokuDevice #WatchTwitchOnTV #VODsOnRoku #TwitchStreaming #RokuCompatibility #DeviceCompatibility #StreamingSolutions #StreamOnRoku #TwitchViewingExperience #OnlineEntertainment #TechnologyTips #RokuSupport

Learn how to watch Twitch streams and VODs on your Roku device using multiple methods. Follow our step-by-step guide to continue enjoying your favorite content hassle-free. Don't let device compatibility issues get in the way of your entertainment!

Hi there! Welcome to our Channel.

Roku devices are found in many households, providing a handy package to watch movies, shows, etc. One of the channels users could add to their device was Twitch, as the streaming platform has enough entertainment for a lifetime. While this was possible in the past, Twitch pulled the official app from Roku.

However, there is still hope. Using several methods, you can still watch Twitch streams and VODs on your Roku device. Please follow the instructions to still use it:

1. Log in to your Roku box and go to the account settings page.

2. From the Account page, click on the Add channel with a code link.

3. In the text box, type TWOKU or C6ZVZD.

4. Select Add channel.

5. Press OK after reading the disclaimer and message.

6. Now from here, Go to the Settings menu from the Roku home screen.

7. Head to System option.

8. elect System update option.

9. Then click Check now.

That’s it! After the device is updated, the TWOKU channel will appear on your home screen at the bottom of your channel list. Start watching Twitch streams.

Like & subscribe the channel for more useful info like this.

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how to stream twitch on roku

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Today in Cord Cutting Today for November 3rd, 2023 we take a look at some of the biggest stories in the world of cord cutting including: Newsmax Will No Longer Be Free Starting Tomorrow As The Network Launches a Paid Newsmax.

Newsmax Will No Longer Be Free Starting Tomorrow As The Network Launches a Paid Newsmax+ Streaming Service

Disney Wants to Sell Part of ESPN & Apple is Reportedly a Likely Buyer For the $24 Billion Network

The 4th Largest Cable TV Company’s CEO Says Cable TV is Broken

Disney Confirms it Will Buy Out Comcast’s Stake in Hulu By December 1

Walmart+ Comes With Free Paramount+, 10 Cents Off Gas, & More For Just $4.16 a Month if You Pay Annually During Its Black Friday Sale

Google Removes Chromecast With Google TV From Amazon, Raising Questions About a Possible New Chromecast

Pluto TV Adds 8 New Free Holiday Channels Including Content From Lifetime & Hallmark

Amazon Will Now Tell You if a Product is Something Buyers Typically Keep or Something They Often Return

FCC Wants to Raise the Bar on Minimum Broadband Speeds

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Step by step tutorial showing you how to setup any antenna with your Roku TV to be able to scan and access many free local channels.

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#roku #rokutv #freetv

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Thank you so much for watching this video on THE ROKU CHANNEL TV APP IS SO GOOD this free APP will work on firesticks and android devices. This is one of the best applications for news and events with so much more added. I think you will like the way it plays so smooth and above that, it is an absolutely free app

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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How to Build a Personal Brand Website on WordPress | WordPress | Website builder.

Are you ready to establish a powerful online presence and showcase your personal brand to the world?

In this comprehensive step-by-step tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of building your own stunning personal brand website using WordPress, the most popular and versatile website platform.

Why choose WordPress for your personal brand website?

WordPress offers unmatched flexibility, a wide range of design options, and user-friendly functionality that makes it perfect for individuals looking to create a strong online identity. Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, or professional, WordPress allows you to tailor your website to suit your unique brand.

Our tutorial covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right hosting and domain to customizing your website's design and adding essential features like contact forms, portfolios, and blog sections. We'll also optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and show you how to maintain it effortlessly.

Join us on this exciting journey to building a personal brand website that reflects your identity and goals. Unlock the potential of WordPress and watch your brand thrive online. Don't forget to subscribe for more valuable tips and tutorials!

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on integrating Square Payment into your WordPress website effortlessly. In this video, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of enhancing your website with Square's robust payment solutions.

0:00 INTRO

My exact blueprint I use to find high ranking keywords & video topics:

For Business Inquires Only:

The content of this video is intended solely for educational purposes. We cannot assure or guarantee any monetary gains from implementing the methods and concepts discussed herein. It is important to note that I am not a financial advisor, and any information shared on this YouTube channel should not be construed as financial advice. Achieving the outcomes presented in this video will necessitate diligent effort, expertise, and understanding.

Please be aware that certain links provided are affiliate links, which contribute to supporting the channel without any additional expense to you.

#squarepayment #wordpressintegration #ecommercesolutions

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I went from having literally NO budget and a full staff in my local small business, to getting tens of thousands of dollars in free advertising within weeks. And you can do it too. In this podcast video episode I'll show you how to do the same thing.

This might be the greatest resource you'll ever come across for your small biz, because getting customers in quickly is the lifeblood of keeping your business alive through the tough times.

It's not easy being a local small business owner but with advertising methods like this, you can grow FAST without having to wait forever for your marketing to pickup.

#advertising #smallbusinessmarketing #smallbusiness this a podcast format episode, hopefully you enjoy the longer format.

It's also streamed on your favorite podcast app/player:



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Happy marketing!

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How to Build a Website with WooCommerce Storefront | WordPress Themes | Storefront Theme Tutorial.

In this comprehensive WooCommerce Storefront Theme tutorial, we'll guide you step by step through the process of building a stunning website using WordPress and WooCommerce Storefront. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced web developer, this tutorial is designed to help you create a professional online store that stands out.

WooCommerce Storefront is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme specifically crafted for e-commerce websites. Its features and advantages include a clean and responsive design, seamless integration with WooCommerce, customizable homepage sections, and compatibility with various WordPress plugins. With WooCommerce Storefront, you can effortlessly build a website that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly.

In this tutorial, we'll cover the following key steps:

Installation and Activation of WooCommerce Storefront Theme.
Customizing the theme settings to match your brand.
Adding products and categories to your online store.
Configuring payment and shipping options.
Enhancing the user experience with widgets and extensions.
Optimizing your website for SEO and performance.

Whether you want to start a new online business or revamp your existing website, this tutorial is your complete guide to harnessing the power of WooCommerce Storefront. Join us on this journey to create a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website. Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tutorials on WordPress themes and website development!

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The first 1,000 people to use my link will receive a one month free trial to Skillshare and 50% off the first year of membership:

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Lose the renewal fees, get a lifetime subscription of Rosetta Stone for the special price of $149 (usually $399) and immerse yourself in language!
NetSuite: Download NetSuite’s popular KPI Checklist, designed to give you consistently excellent performance - absolutely free, here -

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#58: Mark Tilbury became a self-made millionaire and now helps others reach financial freedom by sharing his advice on social media. In this episode you will learn:
- How to start building an empire from a young age
- The different ways to invest
- Side hustles that can make you millions
- What Mark would never do with his money

Thanks for tuning in and come back every Tuesday for a brand-new episode! Prefer to listen on the go? Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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00:00 - Intro
02:05 - Mark's relationship with money growing up
03:40 - When he realized he could become a millionaire
09:38 - Three best side hustles to start with
15:30 - What to invest in with $1,000?
25:14 - Mark's biggest investment
37:13 - The difference between people who follow advice and those who don't take actions
46:29 - Waiting to do something vs jumping unprepared
47:45 - Things Mark wanted to know when he was in his 20s
50:25 - Advice for a 25-year-old
56:24 - Mark Tilbury Taught Me

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Kajabi is offering a 30-day free trial to start your own business --

In 2019, fitness influencer Maxx Chewning grew his business in a new direction when he launched his candy brand Sour Strips. In just a few short years, it’s grown to more than $2 million in monthly revenue. He’ll share how he leveraged his online presence to start and quickly scale a candy company in this interview.

Maxx Chewning first started building a following on YouTube with videos that chronicled his personal fitness journey. As a content creator, he quickly gained popularity for his authentic and engaging personality. After three years posting videos as a hobby, he quit his job to become a full-time YouTuber.

Sour Strips isn’t Maxx’s first business. He launched a clothing brand, Ever Forward, in 2014. He’ll share how that experience helped pave the way for him to start Sour Strips. We’ll also hear about the mistakes he made starting his clothing business and what he learned from them to make Sour Strips such a breakout hit a few years later.

One of the secrets to the success of Sour Strips is Maxx’s life-long love of candy. He knew exactly what candy-lovers want from a product because he is one. That informed every step of the process, from the flavor formulation to the packaging design.

The first few shipments of Sour Strips sold out at lightspeed, and he’ll share the marketing and branding strategies he used to get so much attention on his new product, so quickly. He’ll also share how he leveraged his YouTube following to grow his sales and revenue, and his advice for other entrepreneurs who want to start a brand based on their passion.

If you enjoy watching this video, make sure to check out some of UpFlip’s past interviews:

How He Makes $200,000,000/Year ►

Side Hustle Turned $7.3M/Year Business?! ►

Resources - Find out more about Sour Strips at their website - - Start & Grow Your Business

#business #smallbusiness #startingabusiness

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Today's video is a roundtable chat I had with content creators in Singapore, I share some tips on how to avoid content fatigue, how to balance between your passion and what makes you more money as a creator, is long form content still worth it, and much more!

Thanks for watching!

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, and serves as the Chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia and the Creator & CEO of VeeFriends.

Gary is considered one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, relevance and the internet. Known as “GaryVee” he is described as one of the most forward thinkers in business – he acutely recognizes trends and patterns early to help others understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior. Whether its emerging artists, esports, NFT investing or digital communications, Gary understands how to bring brand relevance to the forefront. He is a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Snapchat, Coinbase and Uber.

Gary is an entrepreneur at heart — he builds businesses. Today, he helps Fortune 1000 brands leverage consumer attention through his full service advertising agency, VaynerMedia which has offices in NY, LA, London, Mexico City, LATAM and Singapore. VaynerMedia is part of the VaynerX holding company which also includes VaynerProductions, VaynerNFT, Gallery Media Group, The Sasha Group, Tracer, VaynerSpeakers, VaynerTalent, and VaynerCommerce. Gary is also the Co-Founder of VaynerSports, Resy and Empathy Wines. Gary guided both Resy and Empathy to successful exits — both were sold respectively to American Express and Constellation Brands. He’s also a Board Member at Candy Digital, Co-Founder of VCR Group, Co-Founder of ArtOfficial, and Creator & CEO of VeeFriends. Gary was recently named to the Fortune list of the Top 50 Influential people in the NFT industry.
In addition to running multiple businesses, Gary documents his life daily as a CEO through his social media channels which has more than 34 million followers and garnishes over 272 million monthly impressions/views across all platforms. His podcast ‘The GaryVee Audio Experience’ ranks among the top podcasts globally. He is a five-time New York Times Best-Selling Author and one of the most highly sought after public speakers.

Gary serves on the board of MikMak, Bojangles Restaurants, and Pencils of Promise. He is also a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water.

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Sign up for Riverside using my code KATIE15 for 15% off here: to film your content online & edit with awesome AI editing tools 🎙️ There is so much advice online about how to grow on social media - it can honestly be overwhelming if you’re trying to formulate a plan for becoming a full-time creator starting from zero. You don’t know what content you should be posting, where you should be posting it, or how you’re even going to make money off of doing this. That's exactly what we're going to cover in this video - I'll walk you through the main steps to take to start totally from scratch, start growing on social media, and turn it into a business.

00:00 If I had to start over from zero, I’d do this
00:45 you need to think of yourself as a business owner 👩‍💼
02:47 step 1: what are you going to create content about? (Time to find a niche???)
03:49 questions to ask yourself to determine your “niche”
05:03 how to find your target audience as a total beginner
07:44 step 2: where will you post? (Pick a platform!)
09:48 post content where you love to consume content
10:36 the ideal posting schedule for every platform 📆
14:15 you need the right tools to create the best content ✨
15:41 step 3: make some money 💸
17:01 how to make money with a SMALL audience
19:14 if you want to make YouTube your job, you gotta treat it like your job

Wanna work with me? Check out my creative agency
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Hey, I'm Katie! I make videos about social media strategy and content creation. In addition to being a YouTuber, I also run a small digital creative agency that produces content for all kinds of creators! We edit podcasts, produce YouTube channels, develop online branding and Instagram strategies and more! If you want our help or just want to learn more, check out


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Are you looking to become a full-time Content Creator? THIS is the video to get you started!


0:00-0:57 Intro
0:57- Step One
10:24 Step Two
23:50 Step Three
32:13 Step Four (said five in the video 🤦‍♀️)
33:08 Step Five (said six in the video 😅)

Jump in and learn how you can make it big as a Content Creator or Influencer! ✨

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Learn iPhone & Android Filmmaking In just 14 Days 🎥

To see links to all the gear in this video:

Learn how to create, launch & scale 6-7 figure online courses in just 30 days:

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Anthony Gallo:
Content Creator Team:
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0:00 Top 5 Transitions
0:44 Transition #1
2:37 Transition #2
5:10 Transition #3
6:13 Transition #4
7:08 Transition #5
11:20 Full A-Z editing tutorial

Showing 1 out of 2