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New wowzatv redesign coming soon

Are you looking to share your favorite videos online, upload your own content to broadcast across the web, or build a video sharing and upload website with multiple authors? The new WowzaTV has got you covered.

Our new WowzaTV will be perfect for Vlogs, News, Gaming, Multi-author platforms, E-learning, E-commerce, Reviewing, and any type of video content and streaming.  With Its improved sleek design ,it will now showcase your videos beautifully and comes with built-in features to make your channel or content stand out and attract more traffic.

With the integration of CDN Stream, uploading, processing, and delivering your videos has never been easier or more efficient. You’ll enjoy high speeds, multiple resolutions, and low costs. Stay tuned for more soon!

WowzaTV also will include a user-friendly Front-End User Dashboard, allowing you to manage their posts, comments, and profiles.

Other great features which will be available for paid users:

1-Videojs.player-Video.js is a modern video player for delivering high-performance video to browsers, it is a lightweight video player that uses the HTML5 Video tag, CSS3 transitions, it is designed for cross-browser compatibility on any device including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

2-BuddyPress-This is a great social media community like facebook add-on that will allow you,to engage more directly with your content users,va the use of forums,feeds,etc.

3-Dokan Multivendor Add-on-Now you can Easily develop and deploy a Robust shop to your users.

4-Better Messages Add-on Better Messages – is realtime private messaging system for users of our community.

And there’s even more! Get ready to take your video content to the next level with WowzaTV.



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