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The Affordable Housing Crisis Is Out of Control
Half of US homeowners and renters reported regularly struggling to make their housing payments, according to a recent Redfin survey.
22% of participants skipped meals just to afford housing, 17.9% resorted to borrowing money from friends and family, while 15.6% of people delayed or skipped medical treatments. The cost of living over the past couple years is hurting Americans, and housing is a big factor in this equation.
The cost of getting a mortgage has skyrocketed, with rates being higher over the past year. And in some markets, rental rates are even worse.
Estimates vary depending on the source, but millions of housing units are needed across the United States. Low inventory combined with high interest rates have created an absolute disaster. This problem has been years, if not decades, in the making.
We know that homeowners who purchased or refinanced their homes during the pandemic era are locked into historical low interest rates, with little motivation to sell. It’s predicted that more than 90% of American homeowners are locked into rates below 6%.
And for those hoping to buy a home, interest rates are putting a massive damper on purchasing power.
Builders have never fully recovered since getting burned during the Great Recession. Plus, it costs more to build today. From increased pricing of lumber, labor, and interest rates, it’s risky for builders to push out a substantial amount of inventory.
We know that the problems with higher interest rates are a short-term hurdle, but the lack of inventory has been brewing for years now. This can’t be fixed overnight. There’s not a clear-cut solution to solving the affordable housing crisis.
Smart real estate investors find a way to profit despite what’s going on in the market – and we know that the affordable housing crisis is an opportunity to contribute housing to those who need a place to rent until buying becomes more likely. Because there are more people looking to rent, there’s a potential for long-term, stable income.
But if you want to make a smart investment, that starts with buying right. In the midst of an affordable housing crisis—with high interest rates and low supply, it can be hard to find a property that checks all of your boxes.
Our new construction properties at Morris Invest can help you reach your goals. Because we buy and build in bulk, we’re able to pass down savings to our investors. And our properties are located in the best growth markets in the US. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to https://morrisinvest.com to schedule a free 30-minute call with my team.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. I only express my opinion based on my experience. Your experience may be different. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. There is no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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Australian National University International Law Professor Donald Rothwell says ICC prosecutor Karim Khan has gone “out of his way” to ensure the court is seen as being “very even-handed”.

The ICC is seeking arrest warrants for three leaders of Hamas, as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Defence Minister.

“I cannot recall an incident where any international court, let alone the International Criminal Court, has sought to issue arrest warrants for both parties to a conflict,” Mr Rothwell told Sky News Australia.

“To that end, it’s very clear that the ICC prosecutor Karim Khan has gone out of his way to ensure that the court is being seen as being very even-handed.”

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Outages for many days possibly weeks!

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X-Men - 1950's Super Panavision 70 style

Made with #midjourney #elevenlabs, #runwayai and edited in Premiere. Script by Chat GPT. #superpanavision #xmen

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Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the argument that took place in Congress and how Joe Biden feels about it. She decides to talk about how Joe believes in respecting everyone but is that really the case?


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https://youtube.com/live/RuEFxaLCYQo 🚨BREAKING! Donald Trump Nearly FALLS OFF STAGE After Black voters stuns CNN analyst!

Former President Donald Trump has seen an unprecedented surge in support from Black voters, a shift that has left the Biden camp alarmed and stunned CNN analysts. This historic rise in approval ratings is causing waves in the political landscape, with some calling it a game-changer for the upcoming election. As Trump's popularity grows, questions arise about how this will impact President Joe Biden's campaign and the broader political dynamics.

But that's not all – during a recent rally in Minnesota, Trump faced a dangerous moment as the stage he was standing on nearly caused him to fall. Was it just an accident, or is there more to this story? The incident has sparked a flurry of speculation and concern.

In another shocking development, Joclyn Wade has come forward with explosive accusations against her estranged husband, former prosecutor Nathan Wade. She claims he has been shirking his alimony payments, leading to a heated legal battle. What’s the real story behind these allegations, and what could it mean for both parties involved?

Meanwhile, justice has been served for the Pelosi family. The attacker who targeted Nancy Pelosi's husband has been handed a life-altering jail sentence. This case has gripped the nation, and the verdict brings a sense of closure and relief to the Pelosi family. What were the details of this dramatic courtroom decision, and how has it affected those involved?

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President Trump is giving a speech when the subject of high prices comes up. And Trump hilariously holds up the smallest box of tic tac’s ever and blames Biden and the crowd goes wild😂


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With multiple wars raging across the world, federal money printing is leading to inflation that’s eating away at the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. As central banks around the world are in the process of implementing digital currencies, the price of gold has skyrocketed, reaching all-time record highs. And so, in order to get an insider’s look at the industry, what the demand and supply really look like, as well as some possible scenarios for what the price of gold might be in the future —I sat down with Mr. Max Baecker, the president of American Hartford Gold, which is my own personal gold and silver dealer, as well as a long-term supporter of the show.
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Gold at $4,000 an Ounce? Geopolitics Pushes Gold to New Record Highs | Trailer | Facts Matter

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World Vision CEO Daniel Wordsworth says there is an “enormous flood” happening in the southern part of Brazil.

Around 149 people have been confirmed dead in the floods.

Mr Wordsworth says the size of where the flood is, is “larger than the state of Victoria”.

“Floods don’t just stop, this is going to keep on going for weeks.”

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The Predicted Pole shift and Land Mass Map Changes Coming World Wide. What would happen if earths poles completely reversed? Would humanity survive the change? And if a pole shift does happen in our life time, is there a safe place to be?
"It may be a good time to learn to swim..."

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The WEF ADMITS The US Dollar Will NEVER Be The Same, It’s About To Change Forever

The World Economic Forum has convened once again, making a show of convening global leaders to discuss critical issues impacting the world. While their statements and predictions typically draw controversy in the economic and financial world, recently the WEF has suggested a shift in the global dominance of the US dollar. This bold statement has caused shockwaves across the international financial markets and triggered intense discussions among economists, analysts, and policymakers. WEF's admission suggests that profound changes are on the horizon, with various factors driving this change that have implications for the US dollar's future.

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Argentina’s President Javier Milei is having “massive success” with his country’s economy, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“That was going down the toilet after decades of doing what we’re doing in Australia now,” Mr Dean said.

“Javier Milei has come out and said ‘back to basic free market principles’.

“That’s what he’s doing, he’s tearing out all the socialism and it is working.”

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Author and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow, Victor Davis Hanson says Americans are “embarrassed” at the left’s attempt to take down the justice system and want the country to return to a “legal society.”

“They feel they can tie Donald Trump up all day long,” Mr Hanson told Sky News Australia.

“Destroy him financially, psychologically, physically.

“They don’t care about the country.

“We are the laughingstock of the world.”

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Join us here for a PREVIEW of our daily one-hour RUMBLE show.
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On today’s show, we'll be diving into the latest headlines, including Pfizer's lawsuit settlement involving 10,000 people, Britain's refusal to sign the WHO vaccine treaty, a shocking statement from a WEF panelist suggesting the pandemic was a pilot for CBDCs, and RFK Jr's bizarre claim that a worm ate part of his brain! But that's not all – tune in to discover what else you might have missed!

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UniVista TV
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TODO ES GEOPOLÍTICA: Putin alerta a "toda la comunidad internacional", Biden amenaza y Polonia avisa

El presidente de Rusia, Putin denuncia que la comunidad internacional trabaja para Ucrania en su guerra con Rusia al reunirse con miembros del ejército que participan en la "operación militar especial". Asimismo, Putin acusa a Occidente de desear que "Rusia deje de existir en su forma actual". Putin también asegura Bielorrusia participará en la segunda fase de las maniobras con armas nucleares tácticas cerca de Ucrania.

El presidente de EEUU, Biden afirma que si Netanyahu realiza una gran ofensiva en Rafah no lo hará con bombas de EEUU. No obstante, mantiene que el ejécito de Israel todavía no ha pasado ninguna línea y reafirma su compromiso con el pueblo de Netanyahu.

Polonia afirma que tiene una "mochila de evacuación" para casos de emergencia o ante una posible amenaza de guerra e invita a sus ciudadanos a hacer lo mismo. Hoy en todo es geopolítica con Adrián Zelaia, presidente de Ekai Group; Jesús López Almejo, investigador de Conahcyt, México y Luis Rodrigo de Castro, relaciones internacionales CEU.

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The Federal Reserve's recent admission about inflation has sparked concern among the economic community. The central bank has acknowledged its inability to control rising prices, which has significant implications for the American economy. In a departure from previous projections and predictions, the Fed has conceded that inflation will likely persist and will increase in the coming years. This shift in perspective from the central bank has sent shockwaves through the economic circle and poses severe implications for the American consumer, and the economy.

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Get your book @ https://presidentbidenbook.com before they sell out
This is AI. This is a joke. This isn't meant to be taken seriously. This isn't Joe Biden, tucker carlson, or donald trump rapping. Nothing in here has been fact checked. This is comedy. This is a parody.

The song is called "Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, & Alex Jones - Big Brother (Rap Song)" please stream it and buy it to keep supporting me and this content! A lot of my content gets demonetized so your support off these platforms helps greatly!

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